Risk of Injury to Minor

The risk of injury to a minor is a broad category of conduct, which includes behavior that is seen as impairing or endangering the health, welfare, morals, physical or mental safety of a child under 16 years old. The Connecticut statute also applies to adults who have contact with the intimate parts of a child or brings the child into contact with the adult’s intimate parts in a sexual and indecent manner, as it is likely to impair the health and morals of the child. Often this charge is added as a separate charge to other criminal acts including

Possession of drugs while child is present
Drunk driving with the child in the vehicle
Sexual assault
Domestic disputes
Pornographic materials in sight of the child
Other crimes performed in the presence of a minor, even when the crime is not performed against the child
Experienced Trial Lawyers

This statute could be applied to an extensive array of behavior due to its vague wording and the openness of interpretation. Terms such as “morals” that vary based on individual ideals and unclear phrases such as “likely to impair” can cause a risk of injury to a minor case to rely heavily on jury opinion. An expert trial lawyer with years of experience in the courtroom is necessary to fight such charges.

Convictions for risk of injury to a minor crimes can carry harsh penalties. However, every case is unique, and you need an attorney with an expansive understanding of the law and distinct insight into your case as a result of in-depth research.

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