Attempted Murder

Attempted murder is a serious crime that is classified as a deliberate plan or intent to kill another person. It is a worse charge and carries heavier penalties than assault with a deadly weapon. To be convicted, the accused must have taken significant steps toward committing the actual homicide. The urge or desire to kill someone does not equate to attempted murder; there must be purposeful action behind the thought. It is up to the prosecutor to prove the intent and the attempt to murder.

There are many factors that can be relied on to convict a person of attempted murder:

Calculated and deliberate planning
Use of a deadly weapon or deadly force
Admission of attempt
Attempted murder cases can be charged as first or second-degree. The penalties are much less severe for second-degree murder. First-degree attempted murder is the most serious charge and applies to a situation in which the behavior exacted against another person was premeditated (planned in advance) and intended to end that person’s life. Second-degree attempted murder refers to behavior that, at the time of the act, was committed with the knowledge that it could end the victim’s life, but was not calculated nor planned ahead of time. Second-degree attempted murder is often a reaction to a situation.


Prison sentence, possibly a life-sentence
Expert Legal Counsel

Since attempted murder charges are brought before a jury, it’s important to have a true trial lawyer with experience in front of a jury, as well as a commanding courtroom demeanor. To achieve a reduction of charges, you must also have a premier attorney who can evaluate the case to achieve the best outcome. Evidence provided by the prosecution must be carefully researched and analyzed by a law firm with the resources to do so. A skilled defense attorney will aggressively investigate all evidence that suggests a prosecutor wrongly charged the client with attempted murder when the charge should have been for assault with a deadly weapon (ADW) or an even lesser charge. An ADW charge could carry a penalty of fewer than ten years in prison, whereas the same case tried as an attempted murder charge could carry a 25 or 50 to a life sentence, depending on whether it classifies as a 1st or 2nd degree. It is extremely important to have an attorney who can thoroughly examine the facts to obtain the lowest penalty for you.

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